Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! May this be the start of a year filled with much joy and happiness (and even some beautiful yarns and knitting projects that turn out perfectly).
This was the winter wonderland that greeted me outside our front door this morning.

Beth and I spent the "holiday" taking our annual inventory of the store. It is certainly not one of our favourite days - just hours of counting all the balls of yarn, patterns and knitting accessories with no chance to play with them. We truly appreciate our great customers who took advantage of our Boxing Week Sale and stocked up on yarn - you helped to save us from many more hours of tedious counting. It also gives us some room to bring in exciting new yarns.

Hopefully everyone had the opportunity today to start a new knitting project. It is a great New Years's tradition among knitters. The Christmas knitting is behind and you have a chance to try a new fibre or technique. Enjoy the knitting celebration!