Friday, November 30, 2012

4 Weeks to Go



Are there any pets on your list?
This is my gang -



For your cat, you may already have a gift ready to go. Do you faithfully knit your gauge swatch and sometimes not bother unravelling it? If you have some swatches hanging around, you can easily turn them into a catnip toy for your cat.  There are lots of cute catnip mice in pet stores or patterns on line, but with the 6 cats I have owned, they all liked something flat they could smoosh into their face. One of our cats, Lucy, was an outdoor cat. We always kept a catnip plant in the garden for her. She would roll around on top of it or bury her face in it.
Waiting To Harvest Spring Cat Nip

The indoor cats all enjoyed little flat pillows stuffed with catnip.  One Christmas I got behind and I tried stuffing those cheap little stretchy mitts you can buy at the dollar store. Last year I experimented again. I put some old swatches in a jar with some dried catnip and left them for a few days. After they had absorbed the aroma, pulled one out, threw it on the floor and the cats were on it in seconds. They loved it. Once it was all soggy and gooey, I retrieved it, gave it a quick wash, let it dry and threw it back in the jar for another day.

I buy my catnip at a local health food store, Nature's Emporium. It is less expensive than the stuff in most pet shops and seems to remain potent for a long time. I refresh my catnip toys once a year at Christmas when I make cat toys for friends and family.
The link below will take you to their website for directions. It is a huge fabulous health food store.The catnip is with the dried herbs in the far back left corner where you find all the supplements.

If you have a little more time available, how about a cat bed. I am sorry to tease you with the cutest cat nest I have ever seen because we do not have a pattern for it - I promise, Gabriela & I plan to figure it out in the new year. We will let you know.

Cat Bordhi's Treasury of Magical Knitting has several cat beds and nests.

I love this crocheted cat nest from Ravelry - Free Pattern at the following link

Gabriela knit this felted cat bed - Very Cute. Free Pattern from Ravelry at the following link-

We have sold literally dozens of copies of  DRESS YOUR DOG.  Several adorable sweaters for petite canines.

My favourite is the shrug!!!


Last Christmas Gabriel discovered the cutest little dog toy at Wallmart. It is Lambchops and she comes in 2 sizes, very small for little dogs and normal size here with Stitches. I was in Wallmart on Wellington in Aurora a couple of weeks ago and they still had some.

Just a warning; amaryllis is toxic to both dogs and cats. I know they are beautiful, but having lost a dear friend Flip who was accidentally poisoned by ingesting lily pollen, I don't think it is worth it.

The following link to American SPCA offers a thorough list of plants dangerous for your pets.

Gifts for Knitters

We have 2 book series that are very popular. Every knitter is always looking for good patterns. The 60 Quick Knits series are a fabulous resource for the very popular Cascade yarns we carry.

60 Quick Knits features patterns for worsted weight yarn - Cascade 220

60 More Quick Knits focuses on Sport weight

60 Quick Baby Knits uses Cascade 220 Superwash, a DK

The 101 Series are a gold mine of patterns for knitters. 



 We have sold more of 101 Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders than any other book we have ever had in the store.
All these books are reasonably priced in the low $20's 

Pre-Christmas Special

When you don't have a lot of time, chunky yarn to the rescue. Ravelry has several patterns suitable for just one skein of Rowan Colourscape. We also have a couple of Free Store patterns. To help get through that Christmas knitting list, we have Rowan Colourscapes on sale discounted 25%. We have pretty good stock in over a dozen colours.
There are many patterns on Ravelry using Colourscapes. The following are some of my favs.




 Hope you have found some inspiration.

Friday, November 23, 2012



Fuzzyfeet is free pattern from Knitty-
for felted slippers. It is a simple circular knit pattern, basically a pair of short socks.  Knit in worsted/aran weight yarn, they knit up quickly in a couple of evenings.
Interesting in Kureyon
A fun stash buster for your odds and ends of Cascade 220.
Believe it or not, this is not our beloved Stitches modelling unfelted Fuzzyfeet.
Ravelry link to the Free pattern
or go directly to Knitty archives

Marsh Felted Slippers
If you prefer flat VS circular knits, Marsh Felted Slippers are knit flat. The seam down the centre of the foot is grafted or 3 needle bind off, with just a very short seam up the back heel. Again knit in worsted/aran, a quick knit and a great stash buster.

Ravelry link to Free pattern

Modular Felted Slippers
These modular knit felted slippers are a lot of fun. Gabriela discovered them and turned our project class regulars on to them. I have seen them done in Cascade, Freedom Spirit, Wool Joy, Kureyon and combinations of any of the above. Again, very simple flat knitting and seaming and great stash busters.

Some people get very creative and colourful - tassels



Knit in a series of simple squares. 

 Joined into big floppy slippers

And then felted.
Ravelry link to the Free pattern

My Grandmother's Slippers
If you are of a certain age, you probably had a pair of these, loving knit for you by your Grandmother or Aunt Mary. Phentex is still available but why not treat yourself to something a little softer, Cascade 220 double stranded.

Treat the younger generation to a bit of history but spare them the Phentex.
Ravelry link to the Free pattern

Churchmouse Bed Socks
These beautiful little bed socks only require 50 gms of sock yarn. We have some very nice hand paint yarns from Fleece Artist, Misti Alpaca and Dye-version that would get you 2 pair, one for you and a second as a gift.

This not a free pattern but you can use the following Ravelry link for more information and ideas about yarns etc.
We do have this pattern among our new selection of Churchmouse patterns.


Serenity Knits, Winter 2013 Classes, have just been posted. Why not select one for yourself and enrol a friend as a gift. Our put a class or two on your own Christmas Wish list.


If you have any little ones to knit for, perhaps a 25% discount on Sirdar baby patterns and yarn can help. We have an extensive colour selection in Snuggly Dk, Baby Crofter and Kisses from which to choose.



Thursday, November 15, 2012

Six Weeks to Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hats are quick and always appreciated. Nothing is more uncomfortable than cold ears.  My favourite pattern book with designs for the whole family is SLOUCHY BEANIES - 7 designs knit in worsted weight yarn. (think Cascade 220 or Berroco Comfort) .

Ravelry has 100's of wonderful free patterns.

Jared Flood's Turn A Square 
Simply Slouchy from Classic Elite
Modern Rib by Susan Anderson. A nicely uni-sex hat, colour choice makes all the difference. 
 For babies Easy Peasy Newborn Hat above
or Minnow Hat below
For older children (and adults) Dead Fish Hat from Knitty

Ravelry has almost 9,000 FREE knit hat patterns. Something for everyone.


Most knitters would be very happy to find their favourite Click set under the tree.There are now 5 sets from which to choose.

The Original
The Natura (Bamboo tips)

Original Lace Tips
New Longer Lace tip set
New Sampler Starter Set

Crochet Hook Attachment for Tunisian Crochet
In addition to the needle sets, you can also now order extra tips or cables for your sets. We will be placing one more order before Christmas. If you, or a knitter you know, would like to see Addi under the tree, give us a call to place an order.  The links below should give you most of the information you might need to make your selection.
Addi Click Sets

Extra Tips

Extra Cables

If you wish to order a Click set or attachments, please call by November 30th for Christmas delivery.

AN EARLY GIFT - An Early Sale, Hat Patterns from Woodsmoke Woolworks, Woolly Wormhead and Sirdar

When Gabriela and I attended UK Knit Camp, we met the creative genius behind the WOOLLY WORMHEAD designs. We have several of her marvelous, often quirky designs.

Waffle Slouch
We also have several Sirdar patterns for hats for the whole family.
We always have on hand a good selection of WOODSMOKE WOOLWORKS hat designs. These whimsical designs continue to be a store favourite. 

Until Christmas/while supplies last, hat patterns from  Sirdar, Woodsmoke Woolworks and Woolly Wormhead Designs will be on sale reduced by 25%
Hope this helps with getting ready for Christmas.