Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vogue Knitting 1955

One of my amusements is collecting old magazines. Every couple of months, I browse through the magazines at Goodwill and Value Village. Over the years I have acquired quite a collection. They are fun to look through. A recent find was a 1955 Vogue Knitting Magazine in mint condition. I thought you might enjoy a peek.

If you are familiar with British Currency and know how much 2/6 equals, please let me know.
The coat on the cover is actually quite attractive. I am no fashion diva, but I think you could easily wear this coat today.

Boleros were popular. I don't know about the hair and eyebrows, but again, the bolero is nice.

The last several seasons, cowls and shoulder shawls have been very popular. Last winter's fashion mags called the shawl/scarf/stole that was joined in one big ring Infinity Scarves. In 1955, they called them Ring Stoles.

Shawls were popular.
The pictures in some of the advertisements could almost fit into today's magazines.

Sirdar was around.





I'll leave the magazine at the store if you would like a better look.