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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Artelia Marian Cowl

I am attracted to colourful and unusual yarns. As much as I enjoy them, it can sometimes be a challenge to find a pattern which works well with a yarn with which you have fallen in love. Artelia is a new yarn to us. Colours are great and each strand is a double twist of wool and metallic ribbon.
Artilea- NEW 
Artelia; check out details and colours  with link below to Estelle Yarns
We have 8 out of 10 colours
I have been eyeing one particular colour for a couple of weeks now and I just could not resist any longer.
I struggled for a bit and finally decided on a variant of Marian Cowl, a FREE pattern on Ravelry.
I have knit several variations of Marian Cowl using different yarns and varying the size. It is easy, quick and reversible, with one very interesting twist. And I do mean twist. You know that twist every knit in the round pattern warns you to avoid when you join and begin a circular knit. Marian Cowl tells you to put that twist in on purpose. Then you just knit away like normal and as you knit a double twist appears.  It sort of looks strange, but if you are knitting a short single wrap cowl, if you put that twist to the front under your chin, it creates a thick cushy cowl that is gathered by the twist to fit comfortably under your chin.
I cast on 75 sts with a 24", 7mm circular, put in the twist and knit away using 2 balls (130 meters).
I am very happy with the cowl which resulted. It is 7.5" deep and 29" in circumference. If you are not sure about the twist, try out the store sample. I think you might like it.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Vogue Magazine On-line Pattern Sale


A couple of times a year, Vogue magazine offers their on line patterns at great prices. That time is now. Just in time to inspire some new knitting projects for the fall. Please note, this is a Vogue Sale not a Serenity Knits Sale.

Link below will take you to their website.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

911 do a good deed day

I saw this ad on TV, today, the evening of September 10th. I remember September 11th like it was yesterday.

I  will  see what  tomorrow brings and look for an opportunity to do a good  deed. I invite  you to do the  same


Monday, September 7, 2015

Attention Sock Knitters: Did you know............

I have just made an interesting discovery. I have one foot longer than the other. I am finishing up a pair of socks. I was comparing the second sock to the length of the first to see if it was time to start the toe decreases. The lengths matched. Just to be sure, I tried it on. I knit the sock until it comes to the tip of the baby toe. Even though the socks matched lengthwise, this one did not reach the tip of my toe???? I am pleased to say, it did not take me very long to figure out what was going wrong. Tried it on the other foot - Voila, it fit!!!! Put my feet, side by each as I like to say (I know it is not proper grammar, it is just a silly phrase I heard some where and it amuses me) and sure enough, my right foot is about a 1/4 of an inch longer than the left.

Jaywalker Socks - one of my favourite sock patterns. Free on Ravelry

I went on line to do some research and sure enough, I found a sight with info on feet. A huge percentage of people have one foot longer than the other. They recommend you buy shoes to fit the larger foot. Sock patterns warn that socks will wear out faster if your socks are knit too tight. It is recommended to get the longest wear out of your socks. that you knit to a tight tension but not a tight fit. Following this line of thought, you should knit your socks to fit the larger foot. I have never seen this suggestion in any sock pattern or book I have ever read. But in future, I am knitting to fit my right foot.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fall Cooking School Knit Night with Chef Heather Goodman

One of our customers, Heather Goodman, is the Cooking School Co-ordinator and Chef with our local Super Store. A couple of times a year, Heather combines two of her passions and offers a Cooking School Knit Night. I still have day dreams about the fabulous dessert, zabaglione, she served at her last Knit Night.

Fall Cooking School Knit Night with Chef Heather Goodman - Demonstration Class

Attention knitters–bring your WIP to this class, then eat, tink and be merry! As you sit and knit, Chef Heather Goodman will prepare a meal so delicious it will make your taste buds skip a stitch! Your menu includes Chili-Glazed Salmon with Orange Salsa; Asian-Glazed Roasted Squash with Fennel; Coconut Rice; and Coconut Cake with Chocolate Chunks & Coconut Drizzle. Afterward, we’ll discuss the projects we’re working on and share our knitting wisdom! Wine tasting included in this class

Please be advised that our Cooking Schools are not allergy-free zones.

The room is set up with angled mirrors above the working space so all participants have a clear view of the preparation techniques used by the Chef.

Chef Heather and her assistants prepare and serve  a full meal serving of all the recipes featured. So skip dinner, you are not just observing technique , you will be treated to a fabulous meal as part of the class. As well, wines specially chosen by Heather to compliment the main course and desert are also served. While preparing the meal, Heather shares her knowledge of food arts.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Spring Knit Night and am looking forward to this one - in particular, I love anything coconut. And do bring some knitting. After the meal, coffee and tea are available and you will have time to mingle and chat with Heather and the other knitters.

Real Canadian Superstore - Aurora Superstore
15900 Bayview Ave, Aurora
$35.00 * per person

You can register on line using the following link. Hope to see you there.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Blocking Does Matter

If you have ever wondered ........
* is it worth it to block?
* why doesn't my scarf look like the pattern? what am I doing wrong?
Take a look at these before and after pictures of  a cowl I just finished.

Straight off the needles.

After wet blocking.

Close up of the Chevron slip stitch pattern

I was surprised that after blocking, the wrong side also had an
interesting pattern not really obvious before blocking

Blocking does not always mean stretching out your knit with pins and/or wires. For this cowl. I wet blocked. After finishing the cowl, I soaked it for a few minutes in some Eucalan wool wash.  I then removed as much moisture as possible by  wrapping it in a towel. I then stretched it out on a towel, smoothing the surface by what I call "hand ironing" - just smoothing it out with firm hand pressure. I then just form it to the shape I want, smooth straight edges and even widths, and then just let it air dry. Quite a difference. Never underestimate the value of proper blocking. It can make an unbelievable difference in you project.
PS If you like this cowl, the pattern will soon ( by September 10) be available  FREE with yarn purchase at the store. The pattern will explain how you can knit this cowl to any size in any weight of yarn.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Stitches Approved


If you are a regular visitor to our store, you may have met Stitches. Stitches is one of the most intelligent and adorable dogs I have ever met. He may be Karen's dog, but I consider him one of my very special friends. Stitches is a pure breed Shetland sheep dog. Shelties are  working dogs, bred to herd sheep in the Scottish Highlands. The dog featured in this ad is a Border Collie, but I can easily sub a Sheltie.

This has got to be one of the best ads I have ever seen. I have seen it dozens of times and it makes me smile  every time

Almost makes me want to buy a Subaru.