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Monday, August 4, 2008

Optimistic Knitter

It looks like I will actually finally spend a few days in a row at the cottage this week. It is truly my favourite place to be, the only time that I can completely relax. I'll be driving there while everyone else is coming home from their holiday weekend get away. It's going to be just me and Sierra (our black lab) and my knitting bags - no husband, children, cat or responsibilities this trip.
Like all dedicated knitters, I pack my knitting first when I am planning a vacation. I may be a little bit optimistic about the amount of knitting that I hope to accomplish - 3 days away and 3 knitting bags! My plan is to complete a few projects so that I can be guilt-free as I sample the new fall yarns when I return.
My biggest challenge is The Great American Afghan; with only 8 squares to go. It has been a fun project and a delight to knit in Cascade 220. I've been knitting along with my students in class, where we learn the various techniques used in the afghan. Every one of the twenty-five squares uses a different technique, so there is no chance to get bored. It's just time to get back to my true love of sweater knitting. The fall patterns have started to arrive in the store and I already have about 6 that I'd like to indulge in and coupled with the new fall yarns - priceless!

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