Friday, September 12, 2008

Welcome Visitors

There have been a number of new faces in the store lately as more people discover the wonderful treasures in our store. We also welcome the returning knitters who have taken a little diversion from knitting over the summer months. Then there are our regular friends who never stop knitting for any reason - what a great attitude to have! All these knitters are coming in to see our new fall yarns and plan their projects for the autumn days.
One of our special visitors was Erin and her new son Hayden. He will definately be making the best dressed list when the cooler days of fall arrive. Erin is a very talented knitter who was designing outfits for Hayden while he was just the tiny "bump" that we watched "grow" from week to week. Erin also learned to crochet and had made a cosy welcoming blanket as well. She is a wise mother who knows that you can never be too young to gain an appreciation of yarn.

Margaret happened to visit on a day when we received a shipment of new yarn from Westminster Fibers. There were 13 boxes of luxurious yarns waiting to be discovered. It will all be on the shelves the next time she comes in.

This is a peek at some of the new fingering weight yarns perfect for socks and shawls. The newest addition here is called "Yummy" - a very appropriate name!

There is a large selection of alpaca yarns for fall, such as the Berocco Ultra Alpaca light, a double knit weight yarn featured in many of Norah Gaughan's amazing designs. Even some soft as butter yarns with a glitter strand called "Lame" has arrived for early holiday knitting.

The display at the front of our store is packed with new fall yarns of "Juniper", "Escape" and "Big Softee" and "Joy". All these yarns have accompaning patterns and samples of completed garments. Guests aren't limited to just having two legs. This is Nori (just like the Japanese yarn, Noro - but with an "i" as her owner so kindly pointed out). She is a very pretty Norwegian Elkhound with a good nose for fine yarns.

We try to have something wonderful for all our guests. There are new additions to the yarns almost every week for our knitters . The children enjoy our sheep and books and the dogs rarely refuse a chewy treat or biscuit.

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