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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Traditional Thankgiving

Last weekend our family closed the cottage for another year. It is always a sad time for me; saying goodbye to my favourite place and the my official end of summer.

There is lots of work to do - storm windows to install, taking home all the perishables, wrapping everything that we can in plastic (in case we have some scampering, furry visitors), taking out the dock, draining the plumbing, antifreeze in the toilet, outdoor furniture put away, boat taken out..... My daughter, Marie commented that it is fun to do the reverse in the spring, but depressing in the fall.
We do have our "traditional" Thanksgiving meal to look forward to. I go to the freezer, take out everything that is left over from the summer, put the meat on the barbeque and enjoy our surprise dinner. We were lucky this year to have steak and salmon - I'm not as popular during the years that we're left with hamburger buns and a frozen casserole.

Another tradition is that everyone gathers on the beach at sunset. It is a great way to catch up with the neighbours and this time say goodbye until next spring. We were rewarded with a spectacular Lake Huron sunset as the perfect farewell. Is it any surprise where I have aquired my love of pink, blues and purples? The sunsets are the inspiration for my knitting!

With darkness arriving so early these days, my daughter and I were able to have several hours of knitting time in the evening. As well as being my favourite place to be, the cottage is also where I accomplish the most knitting. I'll gladly take my Muskoka chair over a rocking chair as my creative place of choice. Please understand that far away look in my eyes when you see me in the store over the next few weeks - I'm not counting the days until Christmas - just Victoria Day.


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