Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yarn Crawl

Serenity Knits enjoyed an exciting day as part of the Newmarket area "Yarn Crawl". The area has become a centre for quality knitting stores, with 6 stores participating in the fun. Knitters spend the day "crawling" from store to store, picking up great deals and finding exciting yarn at each location. Many use it as a opportunity to have a special day devoted to a knitting adventure.
Everything in the store was on sale and there were bins full of featured yarns with even larger discounts. It was a perfect day for knitters planning their Christmas gifts or looking for a new sweater to make for themselves.
Mary Joe (right) had come all the way from Ottawa to take part in the event. Her friend, Jackie, brought us her specialty - freshly baked double chocolate cookies. The treats were enjoyed by many of our customers and especially by Karen and Beth. They were the perfect lunch - many thanks!

Several of our guests dressed for the occasion with beautiful sweaters that they had knit. Michelle wore a Kaffe Fassett Colourscapes sweater knit from yarn that her husband had bought for her birthday gift.
Rosalie had knit an incredible retro sweater from a pattern that she modified from a 1950's publication in "Bingo" chunky wool.
We appreciated all of the dedicated knitters who took up the challenge of visiting their favourite yarn shops in the "Yarn Crawl". You never fail to amaze us with your creativity and great knitting skills.
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