Thursday, August 5, 2010

Interweave Knits Fall 2010

Interweave Knits Fall 2010
arrived today. The patterns and articles are outstanding.

Karen has selected LEITMOTIF by Carol Feller, found on page 38, as one of the two Knit-A-Longs which she has planned for this fall. (Karen's other Knit-A-Long, the Chevron Jacket, can be viewed in the July 27th blog "Introducing The Empire Club").

LEITMOTIF has a number of interesting techniques:
*it is worked side to side beginning at the center back
*beautiful cable and ladder lace panels, which are reversed from the center back to create a pleasing, symmetrical mirror image
*short-row, capped sleeves which will allow for a smooth seamless sleeve
*an I-cord bind off
I think you will appreciate Karen's help mastering these special techniques.
The yarn we have selected for this Knit-A-Long is the new
This tweed is 85% wool, 15% angora. It is a luscious soft yarn which most people would find comfortable right against the skin.
It is available in 29 colours. Please click on the following link to Diamond Yarns' website to view the colours.
This Knit-A-Long is FREE, but you need to register. The class will be Tuesday evenings, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, beginning late September/early October. Call in to reserve a spot and order your yarn. Yarn orders need to be received by September 22. Please give a first and second choice for colours. We will make every possible attempt to acquire your first choice, but can not guarantee it.

The magazine also has articles about two of my favourite knitters;
Elizabeth Zimmerman and Barbara Walker. Elizabeth's books are great fun to read and knit from.

My favourite is the OPINIONATED KNITTER, where you will find the original pattern for the BABY SURPRISE JACKET.

There are 12,220 BSJ's posted on Ravelry

Another of my favourite knitters is
I know I am only one of many, many people who admire Barbara. If I can take the liberty of quoting the Yarn harlot's August 14, 2009 blog entry;
"Then (and I know you'll love this as much as I did) then that lovely lady, Barbara Walker, put some stitches in for you, and she did it while telling me what a wonderful time the whole summit had been for her. (I somehow managed to stay conscious the entire conversation, which was a miracle, considering that the voice in my head was screaming OH MY GOD BARBARA WALKER IS TALKING TO ME along with BARBARA WALKER IS KNITTING ON TINA'S SOCK!) She's a very graceful lady. "
Barbara is the author and stitch designer of my most favourite stitch dictionaries. I use them constantly. The sweater she is wearing above is a stunning example of Mosaic Knitting, the subject of one of Barbara's books.

I have several of Barbara and Elizabeth's books in my personal library. Many are $30 plus books, a little more than many knitters wish to spend. But I am sure you would enjoy them. I will bring my collection into the store. If you would like your own copy of any of these books, we would be happy to order them for you.
Interweave Knits Fall 2010
is a treasure trove of information and designs. Don't miss out.

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