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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 No, that is not Bundas looking in a mirror, Gabriela has adopted Bundas' younger brother Flow.

We thought you might enjoy meeting the newest member of the extended Serenity Knits Family. With the addition of Flow, Gabriela is now up to 6 dogs. Gabriela and her father couldn't resist when they heard the younger brother of their dog Bundas was looking for a new home. There had been some lifestyle changes with his original owners and they needed a new home for Flow. Flow has no idea how lucky he is.
Here are a few pictures of Flow having fun in the pond (he'll soon be just as stinky as his big brother).

Flow is about 30 lbs smaller than Bundas and very timid and shy. His first day he spent all day at the waterfall with the fish (I guess they weren't as noisy as the other dogs). He seemed a little lost, and keeps going to the gate, waiting for his people. Gabriela's other "kids" are behaving themselves (kind of,mostly). Flow sounds the "intruder alert" whenever he sees one of the cats; he's never met a cat before. That could be interesting! (Watch out for your nose, Flow!)

Flow and Bundas are Kuvasz, an ancient breed of livestock guardian dogs form Hungary

Pretty cute as puppies

Just as adorable full grown

On day two, Flow seems to be settling in nicely , relaxing at least.

racing with Sputz and Baxter.

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