Tuesday, July 24, 2012

After 20 years of school.....

What do you do, when you have just finished 20 straight years of school and find yourself with a bunch of time off in the summer, for the first time in about 10 years??? In my daughter Adelaide's case, she and four friends planned a dream vacation - 5 weeks backpacking in south east Asia. 

Canada Day on the beach in Ko Lanta, Thailand.

Addie (my daughter) and her buddy Wassama in Thailand.

Addie asked I let you know Wassama was a perfect companion on her travels through the jungle. All the other elephants kept wandering off the path to grab tree branches for snacks or to indulge in vigorous butt scratching. They were riding the elephants bareback with nothing to really hold on to, so the butt scratching in particular was a little unnerving. Wassama on the other hand was a perfect lady, staying to the path and providing Addie with what she describes as one of the most incredible experiences of her life.


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