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Thursday, September 11, 2014

When the weather cools, time to pick up your needles

Summer is just about finished. We have had a couple of really cold days. Thank heavens, it has not been as bad as poor Calgary. September 11 is a little too early for snow. If the cooler weather has you thinking knitting, and maybe you feel like learning something new, fall classes started this week at Serenity Knits. If you have not already had a look at them, check our website for details.
As always, please feel free to call or drop by if you have any questions.

For more inspiration, both Vogue Magazine Website


and Interweave Magazine Website

Back to School Fall Sale Save 50%

have great sales on patterns right now.
Vogue and Interweave have these sales  several times a year. They offer a great opportunity to stock up on patterns.
I visit these websites often. If I am knitting from their magazines, I view the errata sections first to check if any problems or mistakes have been identified with the design I am about to begin. Both websites offer a large selection of FREE patterns. Visit their websites and sign up for their newsletters. Then you can access the free patterns and receive notification of future sales.
Serenity Knits

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