Wednesday, July 29, 2015



I love cats ..... of all sizes. I have been trying to compose this blog for about 36 hours. I just keep getting caught up in how angry and sick this story makes me feel. If you are unaware of this story, just Google Cecil the lion. You may probably wondering what this has to do with yarn and knitting. I will explain. I have some OCD tendencies. The O stands for Obsessive. When I am bothered by something, I get rather obsessed by it and can not stop thinking about it. That is referred to as an "intrusive thought".  When I get that way, I cope by various distraction methods. Last night I had to triple up on distraction methods; Big Bang and Modern Family, ice cold Red Racer Beer and a nice new ball of self-striping  yarn for a great pair of slippers I found on Ravelry. There are as many reasons to knit as there are knitters. I have a wide variety of reasons to knit, at least one suitable for just about any occasion. But one I value greatly is the ability of knitting to distract me from everyday worries when they pile up. When I feel stressed by any number of everyday worries/anxieties, I find the distract-ability of a beautiful new ball of self-striping yarn an invaluable tool to escape for a few minutes. I am so sad and angered that the life of such a majestic creature has been wiped out by some terribly misguided individual who believes big game hunting is a sport..

My companion Miss Meredith Gray Cat

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