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Wednesday, November 18, 2015



I had an idea for a Christmas Gift I wanted to make but couldn't find the right pattern. I really
wanted to use this super soft faux fur we have called Caribou. So I combined bit and pieces of a couple patterns I found on Ravelry and played around for a while. The result is a hot water bottle cozy I am calling FUR BOTTLE.
FUR BOTTLE uses one ball each of Caribou and Berrocco Comfort.

It knits up in a flash. The majority  of the cozy bottle is knit on a 7mm needle with a strand of each of Caribou and Comfort. If you are interested, we have Caribou and Comfort in several colours.
And my pattern is FREE with yarn purchase. If you don.t have a water bottle, I found a perfectly fine, uncovered bottle at my local Walmart for $8 plus tax.

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