Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Completed Sweater / A Day Off

A large part of the fun of our classes is celebrating the completion of a project with our students. Jackie just finished her sweater that she has been working on in "Project Class" for the last couple of months. She has taken 8 different colours of sock yarn in related hues, and held 2 strands together to make a double knit (DK) weight of yarn. Every 8 rows she changed the colours as she knit her pullover and the result is beautiful.

Even though Beth, Gabriela and I think of Serenity Knits as our second home, we do occasionally take a few days off. It was an absolutely perfect winter day with fresh snow, warm temperatures (comparatively) and bright sunshine. This is how Gabriela and I spent the day without our knitting needles and with great ski conditions at Mount St. Louis / Moonstone.
The snow conditions couldn't have been better. Here all the fresh snow was well appreciated.
Gabriela (left) grew up in Austria where she learned to both ski and knit - a great combination and she is extremely talented in both areas.

Between ski runs, Karen (right) has been planning the design for a new ski sweater. A coordinating hat would nice too. Now back to the slopes.

The leg muscles are starting to complain by the end of the day, signaling time to head back home to curl up with our knittng. I hear that the forecast is for snow again tomorrow - bringing a good excuse for more skiing and more knitting - no complaints here!


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