Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Knitting Fun

I love the Super Bowl! No, I don't like football - about all I know is that the Patriots and Giants are playing and that the Patriots have a perfect season record on the line. However, a big event like the Superbowl is great. I sent my hubby Steve out for game food yesterday (it's just too hard to pick out junk food for others) and a veggie platter for my daughter Marie and me. Steve is even going to BBQ for us pre-game. By my calculations, that will leave about 5 hours of uninterrupted knitting time for the girls. Marie and I have claimed the seats nearest the knitting light and will actually peek at the commercials and half time show.

Marie is going to be finishing up some fingerless gloves in Noro's Silk Garden. I'm ready to "tackle" my mitered square cardigan. There are only 20 squares left of the close to 300 that I started with. My plan was to work on one square a day and have the sweater finished in a little under a year - yeah- right. It's a WIP that has lasted close to two years. At the rate of one square every 20 minutes (that is allowing time for pretending to be interested in the game) I'll be ready to sew it together and work the edging by tomorrow????

The sweater is knit from the back, around to the front, with the lapel squares reversed so the right side facing when it is folded into position. After the squares are finished, the back is seamed, sleeves set in and border knit all the way around. Did I mention - there are just 20 squares to finish on the left front! (I tend to get extremely excited when the end of a long project is in sight.) Here's to a great Super Bowl.

You'll get a full progress report tomorrow. Right now my needles are ready for the drop of the ball - sorry -"official kick off".


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