Saturday, April 26, 2008

Knitter's Frolic Fun

What did we do today when we weren't at work at Serenity Knits? Frolic! Gabriela, Laurie and I went to the Knitter's Frolic at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto. It showcased the lovely yarns, patterns, books and knitting supplies from many of the area yarn shops.

Here Gabriela and Karen arrive - with empty bags!

There was booth after booth of knitting temptations.

It's exciting to be surrounded by so many people sharing their love of knitting.

Gabriela met one of her favourite lace knitwear designers. She has knit several garments with Ilga Leja's wonderful patterns.

Misti Alpaca's booth provided a treat for the eyes and fingers with their selections of hand dyed alpaca yarns. Karen had a chance to talk with their representative, Mary about the soon to be released, washable alpaca sock yarn that will be arriving at Serenity Knits this summer.

We didn't have the nerve to frolic with the yarns all day and leave Karen's husband Steve to mind the store all alone. What an amazing guy! He is great with the customers - always an answer for every question that is garanteed to bring a smile to their faces. He is also an expert at operating the wool winding equipment. Thanks Steve, you did a super job.

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