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Monday, May 5, 2008

Modular Knit Class

Gabriela teaches a class on modular knits. The project is a triangular cardigan. The stitches are picked up from the sides of the previously knit triangles, so that very little sewing is required.

A fun aspect of this project is choosing the various colours and yarn combinations. The example on the left is Doris's WIP (work in progress).

A very different effect is seen with Nancy's colour choices on the back piece of the cardigan. There are variations in the size and placement of the triangles.

Jeanette is using a totally different palette and coordinating the solid colours with variegated yarns.

Modular knitting is not limited to triangles and the class also learns to knit and join mitered squares, pentagons and hexagons.

This is a sample of the finished cardigan (with sleeves folded in for visibility) that Gabriela knit for the class. It's a contemporary shape that will work well for casual or dress occasions. If you are already comfortable with modular knitting, the pattern is available at the store. What a great way to use some of your existing yarn for a "stash buster" project!

Posted by Karen

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