Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Congratulations Graduate

It was one of those proud parent days yesterday as Steve and I watched our son Matthew graduate with his Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Guelph. All of a sudden those years of studying seemed worthwhile.

Of course the day had to coincide with the hottest day of the year so far - those sweltering students dressed in black gowns. The university held the convocation ceremony in the Athletic Dome, where the most number of parents, family and friends could be accomodated. One of their policies required that the guests be seated a half hour before the start of the processional (a nice courtesy) and of course seating is non reserved, so you needed to claim your spot at least an hour beforehand to assure the best view. All this took place in a non-airconditioned facility which had everyone shedding their jackets and any excess clothing and resulted in the scene looking more like a picnic than a formal graduation.
I certainly had no complaints - over an hour of knitting time before the piper began to play his first notes. I had enough manners to resist knitting during the speeches and formalities until the students started their one at a time trip accross the stage to collect their honours; then the needles reappeared. The afternoon brought a well earned graduation diploma for Matt and as a bonus - over half a sock knit.

Matthew receiving congratulations from Chancellor Pamela Wallin.

Congratulations Matthew! As always, we're proud of you and your accomplishments. (The offer to further your education by teaching you to knit still stands.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen and Beth,
Was doing the night shift and found the blog with the great news of Steve's graduation!
Best wishes to the new graduate and to you both.
Hope to pop by and take advantage of the sale.