Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wooden Shawl Pins

It is the time of year when Beth and I have the wonderful fun of choosing new yarns, patterns and accessories for fall and winter. We enjoy the visits from the various yarn company representatives and appreciate their patience as we "argue" about colours and yarn choices. Beth and I actually have a great respect for each others opinions, even though our preferences are completely opposite and make for some lively debates.

One representative brought a magnificant display of his hand crafted wooden shawl pins. His beautiful pins are created from a variety of different woods, each with characteristic grains and come in a large selection of shapes. The source of much of the wood is right here in Ontario, including black walnut, plum, white oak, poplar, red oak, white ash, apple, cherry and pear. There is also some exotic wood from zebra trees grown in Africa or yellow pine from Alabama, rosewood, ebony, purple heart and more. The pins are either left in their natural state or stained in fashion colours. The woods are then waxed to highlight their grains (rather than using a laquer that tends to scratch and chip). Coordinating stick pins are included with each shawl pin.

Here is a close up of some of the designs, that we now carry, each unique and individually crafted.

Knitters are thankful for the current trend of using pins as closures for their sweaters, shawls and jackets. It is a nice change from the often tedious process of knitting buttonholes and trying to find coordinating buttons. This is a lovely way to add a touch of distiction to your finished garment and they make perfect gifts.

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