Monday, December 15, 2008

Karen's Disney Vacation Knitting

Beth and I have often commented on what a fine line it is between work and play when you own a yarn store. We absolutely love what we're doing and knitting is play for us - but often we are knitting store or class samples - for work. You can see that it is often difficult to differentiate between whether the fun is working or playing.
Last week was completely play for me! My husband, Steve took me on a week long escape to Florida. We stayed at a resort at Epcot Center, which is part of Disney World in Orlando. This was the first time that we had gone there without the kids. We missed them, but did enjoy the chance to just do what we wanted, which of course included some knitting time for me.
I'd knit by the pool, while my husband checked his emails and conducted business. This was a great setting for his office for a week and I never have any complaints about his need to work when I have my knitting.
Disney world is known for its line-ups for whatever you want to see and do. We were there at the so called "slowest time of the year" and I was still glad that I had my "waiting socks" always with me tucked in the Go-Knits bag. Steve would pull out his Blackberry to check messages while I happily knit away. We must have looked like a couple with a huge communication problem, but were we ever efficient.By grabbing snippets of knitting time throughout the day, I had managed to knit almost an entire sock in the week. It's my only Christmas knitting project for this year. The socks are for my father who really does appreciate the effort and even proudly shows off other pairs that I have knit for him. He has size 13 feet, so enjoys the custom knit size factor.
After the fireworks displays at night, or other times when I had room to spread out, I would work away on a new store sample. I am making a vest-like capelet in Manos del Uruguay using one of their new patterns called "Tucson" from booklet #9. Hopefully it will be ready for viewing in the early new year.
My favourite adventure was "The Living Seas" featuring Nemo and his friends. One of my other major interests outside of knitting is swimming. Nemo represents a philosophy that I hope to carry on for years to come. Over and over he repeats "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...."; a perfect attitude of determination, both in the pool and in other aspects of life.
Substitute the words "Just keep knitting, just keep knitting...." and you'll have the motivation to finish up your Christmas knitting. Who could imagine that a little clown fish with a broken fin could have so much influence.

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