Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Creative Christmas Projects

The hours of late night knitting to finish our Christmas gift projects are now behind us. The sight the recipient trying on the completed garment and breaking into a grateful smile is the reward that makes all of those hours of knitting so worthwhile.

During the four days of our Boxing Day Sale, Beth and I had the fun of seeing many of these lovely gifts.

Erika's talented mother made her this cute hat and sweater set. She is one of the best-dressed young ladies to visit the store; always wearing a lovely knit outfit.

This is the first sweater that Lisa has knit. She was part of "My First Sweater" class that ran in the fall. You can't see the proportions here, but it is a tiny sweater that is a gift for her soon to be born son (about 2 weeks from now and we can't wait for an introduction). Lisa also knit him a little hat that will keep him snugly on his way home from the hospital.

We first met Ruffles in the springtime as an "bundle of love" little puppy. Her mom, Pat, picked out some colourful Noro yarn to make her a sweater for walks in the cold when she grew to be a "big girl". What a perfect result! She is so proud of her coat of many colours and is sure to be toasty warm on her outings.

Yes, I did finish my one and only knitted gift this year. I was working on the toe of the second sock for my Dad as Steve drove us to London to see him last Sunday (sorry no time for a picture - and they didn't get blocked). I was very realistic with my available knitting time this year and still almost missed the deadline. My dad has enjoyed his hand knit socks since I first started knitting them for him over thirty years ago. He knows the effort and love that goes into each stitch and is happy to show them off whenever he has the chance.

What really impressed me was the planning of many of our customers in the days right after Christmas. Many were thinking about next year's gifts and were stocking up on yarn so that they could get an early start on their knitting. I admire that type of organization and fore site! Several of you even had lists! You are truly an inspiration for the rest of us. That is the type of attitude that can make Christmas knitting so enjoyable and really takes the pressure off when the holidays arrive next year. Just knit one gift a month and by next Christmas most of your gift list is solved. That even sounds like a good possibility for a New Year's resolution.

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Craftlover said...

Thanks for posting Erika in your blog. :)
And also thanks for the good comments on my hand knits.
I shall do better on them.

Erika really enjoyed the visits at your store. :)

Happy knitting.