Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I have a couple of days off to try to get a bit more organized for Christmas. Do you remember when you were a kid and Christmas seemed to take forever to arrive? And you had no idea how much work was involved in getting ready? As I head off to the mall today, I remember with great delight  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee describing her experience getting ready for Christmas. The following is part of a post  from a couple of years ago.

From June 2011:
Do you follow the Yarn Harlot? I think Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, a.k.a. the Yarn Harlot, is one of the funniest people I have ever known. ( I use the word "know" rather loosely here. I have never met Stephanie, but have read all her books multiple times and regularly read her blog, so I feel like I know her.) I heard her speak once. By the end of the evening, my cheeks were aching from laughing so much. My favourite of her books is "Yarn Harlot, the secret life of a knitter" (A great gift for any knitter if you need a gift idea)

I am particularly amused by a chapter titled simply "IT". Let me quote part of the opening paragraph:
"Once again, it's Christmastime. How can I be completely blindsided by a holiday that happens on the same day each year is absolutely beyond me. You'd swear they only announce the date for Christmas in November and I have maybe three weeks to cope with the news. Once again I am nowhere near ready....."

The first time I read that, I laughed out loud, that is so me. So when I read it again the other night, I said to myself : "Not this year. You are going to start early!!!!"

Before I move on, if you are a knitter and do no not know the Yarn Harlot, do yourself a favour. This is her blog address; .
Visit it and see what she is up to. She also has seven best selling books.

Back to avoiding "IT" (not to ruin the story, but "IT" is the crazy state of mind and circumstances the overambitious knitter finds them self in, when it is almost Christmas, and all those hand knit gifts you had carefully planned and depended upon having to give away by December 25th are not finished). .

Any way, for a change, I am in pretty good shape this year, just 2 hats, a cowl and one pair of socks to finish. I think I will make it. How are you doing??


PS I will let you know if I see any great bargains at the mall.


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Gingersnap said...

Love your string bag - and the peach-colored bag pattern that you'll up for trying next. I couldn't find it on the site. What is its name or ID, please? Thank you!