Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jabez Blanket Ministry International

We want to give you an update on a blog we posted last year. Many of our generous customers, drop of their unwanted yarn stash at our shop and we pass it on to a couple of local groups - public school knitting clubs and a local church.
Victory Baptist Church in Newmarket, participates in a charitable organization  - Jabez Blanket Ministry International. Your yarn donations have been used by the church's knitters  and crocheters to create blankets for orphans around the world.  In November we received news from Victory Baptist Church that their completed blanket count stood at 1,198!!!!
First, the previous blog on Jabez Blanket Ministry International.

The Jabez Blanket Ministry is an organization reaching out to help needy Orphans around the world - Orphans living in unimaginable poverty, bearing the marks of loneliness and desperation. To a child who has nothing, these hand-made blankets are a wonderful expression of love, saying to them ....."Someone cares for me." Not only is the recipient touched, but the giver as well. It is the goal of the Jabez Blanket Ministry, to bring comfort, hope and joy to some of the world's most desperately-needy Orphans, showing them that someone cares for them - through:
* lovingly-made woolen Blankets for warmth
* soft, endearing Teddy Bears for comforting hugs
* and needed School Supplies for Learning

Over the last seven years that Serenity Knits has been open, Karen and many of our customers have donated yarn to the wonderful knitters at Victory Baptist Church in Newmarket to knit and crochet blankets for the Jabez Blanket Ministry. Last month, they celebrated the remarkable milestone of BLANKET 1000.
The program coordinator, Faith Crosby, has asked us to Thank All Our Wonderful Customers who have donated yarn.
"Thank you to each one who has helped reach this wonderful milestone - from those who have knitted and crocheted, to those who have helped financially, to those who have purchased backpacks, teddy bears and school supplies - we could never have done this without you.. May God Himself, bless you in HIS own special way. Rejoicing with a grateful heart. Faith Crosby"

So, next time you might be tempted to do a little de-stashing, please remember the Victory Baptist Church Knitters and  Crocheters. We are happy to receive donations on their behalf.
Beth & Karen

In October, the church received an urgent request for blankets and backpacks to be sent to 901 orphans in the Ukraine. In November, the church was able to contribute 40 backpacks, 36 teddy bears , several blankets  and $200 to help with the postage. It is hoped this shipment will arrive in time for Christmas.

So again, program organizer Faith Crosby, asked we pass on their appreciation for your donations. Please keep this worthwhile organization in mind if you have unused yarns you wold be happy to donate. Just drop them off at Serenity Knits and Karen will deliver them to her church.


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