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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Heaven in summer ..........

Pure heaven in the summer. This is looking down the beach from our family cottage on Grand Lake, New Brunswick.

Trans Canada Highway just outside Moncton February 2015.

My brothers deck and backyard in Kingston, NS (the Annapolis Valley) last weekend.

Unfortunately that screen door opens outwards!!!
Yesterday, as I sat in the sun, enjoying Heritage Day, I happened to watch the noon hour news showing poor Eastern Canada getting hammered again. Decided to call my family to see how they were holding up. No answer in Quispamsis, the village where my brother and nephew live  - I showed you Quispamsis about 5 storms ago in an earlier post. Talked to my sister-in-law in Nova Scotia. The pictures above are theirs. They were just hunkered down happy that they didn't have any where they needed to go. In addition to all the snow, it was very cold. My brother is retired Air Force. He put on his military grade survival suit to keep warm enough to go out and shovel a path from the house. He couldn't get out either door, the snow was piled up against them, so he had to crawl out through the sliding glass door from the dining room to the deck.
My sister-in-law in Riverview, New Brunswick (right beside Moncton, a sort of Newmarket/Aurora thing, if you did not know they were two different cities you would not even notice) was happy her apartment was on the second floor. She was not sure if the ground floor folks could even still see out their windows. Every thing in Moncton/Riverview was closed. No public transit, most businesses closed. Found out from her that my brother from Qusipamsis was supposed to have been leaving for Arizona yesterday. In an e-mail yesterday, I found out  they have made it to Bangor, Maine to catch their flight.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for them.
Again, heaven in summer.


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