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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow Days

It is a little warmer today, but now it is snowing. I know I should not complain. Poor Eastern Canada and the North East USA. We should be grateful we only have a couple of feet of snow. But I was so tempted to post a sign on the door..........
Closed due to illness
Sick of the Weather
....... and just stay home.  But then I thought of the knitters we often get on bad weather days like this.
Group One - The lucky people getting ready to go some place warm and wanting a couple of balls of sock yarn to knit on the plane and on the beach while drinking strawberry daiquiris and soaking up the sun. I apologize in advance if I insult any one, but I find it a little hard to feel too sympathetic for this group if they were to arrive and find the store closed. I am sure they will have no trouble finding other ways to entertain themselves.
Group Two - All the other knitters like me who on a day like this want nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch with the cat, put on some silly chick flick, put on a fire and just knit. But nothing in your knitting stash appeals to you. Or all your 4.5mm needles are occupied. Just a quick trip to Serenity Knits for needles or a new ball of sock yarn and then you can relax. On bad weather days like this, 8 of of 10 customers are from this group. Wanting nothing more than to hibernate and knit but missing some crucial piece of the solution. It is for those knitters I am here today because I know how disappointed you would be if you bundled up to come get your needles or yarn and we were not open. So I am here waiting. See you later.


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