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Friday, June 26, 2015

It Is No Longer Your Grandmother's Crochet

For some reason, crochet seems to lend itself pretty easily to some outrageously ugly stuff.

And when you thought it could not get any worse, crochet with eyelash yarn.
Ugly Christmas Sweaters have become popular but I am not sure this crafter intended to create an ugly sweater, it just turned out that way.
When you have this kind of figure, you can almost pull it off. 
Most of us remember the crochet from the 60's which was truly awful.

But if you spend a little bit of time on Ravelry, you might be surprised at some of the interesting and fashionable designs available today.

Summer Cotton Market Bag

FREE PATTERN on Classic Elite Website 
FREE PATTERN on Classic Elite Website
Crocheted in linen and cotton Bella Lino.

Hanging monsters is not free but sooo cute. I am thinking of making a couple as outdoor plant hangers.

Granny Squares have come a long way.

One way to update a lot of crochet designs is to ditch the awful 60's colours. 
Crochet cardigan free pattern
There are a whole series of designs on Ravelry made with a design called African Flower.
 This baby blank has adjusted the basic Flower square to look like owls.
There are many shawls and scarves, again, updating older designs with beautiful new hand painted yarns.
Lace Tops

More Monsters, this time embellishing a blanket.
Churchmouse has updated a couple of classic designs. Check out their website for some very attractive crochet designs.
Mesh style crochet lends itself to weaving in other colours to create  plaid.
And finally, crochet offers many gorgeous blanket and afghan designs, again, the key is often updating the classic pattern with fresh new contemporary colours.
 If you don't crochet, maybe this will tempt you to learn. Check our classes, Karen is offering several crochet classes this summer.

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