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Monday, September 7, 2015

Attention Sock Knitters: Did you know............

I have just made an interesting discovery. I have one foot longer than the other. I am finishing up a pair of socks. I was comparing the second sock to the length of the first to see if it was time to start the toe decreases. The lengths matched. Just to be sure, I tried it on. I knit the sock until it comes to the tip of the baby toe. Even though the socks matched lengthwise, this one did not reach the tip of my toe???? I am pleased to say, it did not take me very long to figure out what was going wrong. Tried it on the other foot - Voila, it fit!!!! Put my feet, side by each as I like to say (I know it is not proper grammar, it is just a silly phrase I heard some where and it amuses me) and sure enough, my right foot is about a 1/4 of an inch longer than the left.

Jaywalker Socks - one of my favourite sock patterns. Free on Ravelry

I went on line to do some research and sure enough, I found a sight with info on feet. A huge percentage of people have one foot longer than the other. They recommend you buy shoes to fit the larger foot. Sock patterns warn that socks will wear out faster if your socks are knit too tight. It is recommended to get the longest wear out of your socks. that you knit to a tight tension but not a tight fit. Following this line of thought, you should knit your socks to fit the larger foot. I have never seen this suggestion in any sock pattern or book I have ever read. But in future, I am knitting to fit my right foot.

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