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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Blocking Does Matter

If you have ever wondered ........
* is it worth it to block?
* why doesn't my scarf look like the pattern? what am I doing wrong?
Take a look at these before and after pictures of  a cowl I just finished.

Straight off the needles.

After wet blocking.

Close up of the Chevron slip stitch pattern

I was surprised that after blocking, the wrong side also had an
interesting pattern not really obvious before blocking

Blocking does not always mean stretching out your knit with pins and/or wires. For this cowl. I wet blocked. After finishing the cowl, I soaked it for a few minutes in some Eucalan wool wash.  I then removed as much moisture as possible by  wrapping it in a towel. I then stretched it out on a towel, smoothing the surface by what I call "hand ironing" - just smoothing it out with firm hand pressure. I then just form it to the shape I want, smooth straight edges and even widths, and then just let it air dry. Quite a difference. Never underestimate the value of proper blocking. It can make an unbelievable difference in you project.
PS If you like this cowl, the pattern will soon ( by September 10) be available  FREE with yarn purchase at the store. The pattern will explain how you can knit this cowl to any size in any weight of yarn.

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