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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Farewell to a Dear Friend

Many of you were greeted in the store during the first months that we were open by my two dogs. My sheltie, Sprite and black lab, Sierra would join me at work when there wasn't going to be anyone at home to look after them. By the time that evening classes were underway, they were worn out from all their duties of the day and were quite content to catch a few winks under the teaching table.
Sprite was well versed in knitting; usually sitting at my feet when I was working on a project. He was unquestionably the cutest model that we had for store samples. This was his modelling debut, sporting Barbara Telford's "Cat and Mouse" hat.

It is with heartfelt sadness that I'm sharing with you that Sprite went to "doggy heaven" this week following complications of an age-related illness. He had been our family's faithful companion for 14 years. You'll understand my red eyes and more than usual slip-ups when you see me in the store for the next little while. My furry knitting partner will be truly missed.


Natalie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I haven't met your dogs but I was moved to post my condolences. My heart goes out to you and your family.

Ashley said...

I'm so sorry about your loss. Sprite looks like he was a wonderful little companion. I'm sure that he was been greeted with joy and happiness on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.

Leanne Hester said...

Hello my name Is Leanne. I drive by your store all the time and have always wanted to come in. SO as i sit here looking at your store and read about your dog I cry. I am a mommy to a little Shitzu named Mandy who is 13 years old. I want to send you my deepest sympathy, I am so very sorry for your loss.

Leanne Hester