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Friday, March 28, 2008

Great Knitting Projects from our Classes

Our "Project Class" knitters are such great knitters. They amaze us with not only the quantity of knitting, but also the excellent quality.

Jeanette has completed a Norah Gaughan design with a detailed yoke of interlocking pentagons.

Mary Joe is wearing her lovely Noro sweater (the second one that she has completed this winter).

Nancy is working on another top so that she is ready when spring actually arrives. She just celebrated a special birthday with a surprise cruise with the family. Her mother, Maria, knit her a spectacular skirt from Handmaiden Sea Silk with a coordinating top to wear during the trip.

Heather designed and knit this lovely sweater in the "Designing Your Perfect Sweater" class. She has placed a delicate lace patterned panel up the middle of each side of the cardigan and matching lace insets in the sleeves. The entire project was completed in just 2 months - from design concept to swatching, schematics, knitting, perfect finishing and now wearing with pride.

Well done to all our knitters. You inspire and motivate us! We celebrate with you when you share your finished projects with us. Keep the needles clicking and enjoy the many rewards that knitting brings.


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