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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring has Arrived

Our store transformation has happened. The winter yarns have gone into hibernation, only to be replaced by the bright colours of the spring fibres. I am a bit of a "clean and neat freak" around the store (actually Beth would likely call it compulsive) and can't stand seeing a skein out of place. The last couple of weeks have been "traumatic" for me, with the store totally upside down (see March 8'08 blog). Right on time though, spring arrived here with the new yarns blossoming with incredible project possibilities. Here is a preview of what you'll find.

Above is our Super 10 Butterfly Cotton that knits beautifully to either DK (22 st / 4 in) or worsted (20 st / 4 in) depending on your choice of needle size. It is machine washable and dryer safe. There are cheery colours for every taste.

This is Needful Yarns "Kelly" in variegated shades with the coordinating "Kim" solids. It is a worsted cotton blend - light and cool, with a great selection of patterns for summer fashions.
Nashua's Creative Focus Cotton, a 100% worsted cotton, was extremely popular last summer with its extensive array of colours. We brought it back this year complete with all the new shades. It is perfect for lace garments and there are samples in the store so you can see and feel the lovely effect.

Felting is still extremely popular, with many knitters making the Noni purses, blooming with bouquets of felted flowers for spring and summer. We have an entire "felting wall" complete with Cascade 220 and Nashua Creative Focus yarns.

If you still have a few winter projects that you need to get to before starting on your spring wardrobe, we don't mind disturbing our hibernating yarns for you. We are in awe of the organized knitters who are working on gifts for next Christmas. We aren't that disciplined, so you'll need to excuse us as we happily play with the new arrivals. Welcome Spring!


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