Thursday, January 1, 2009

Knitter's New Year Tradition

Happy New Year! We hope that taking time for yourself to knit each day is part of your new year's resolutions.

Serenity Knits would like to thank our wonderful customers for their loyalty, support and encouragement throughout the past year. Your knitting projects have amazed and inspired us. You have been generous in sharing the results of your many hours of work to make so many others happy. The garments that you have made for yourself look fabulous! You should be proud of your creativity, whether you are a beginner or an advanced knitter.

Strive to learn some new knitting techniques this year. Play with colour, discover new fibres, tackle cables or lace. The possibilities are endless - which is part of what makes knitting so much fun.

A New Year's tradition for many knitters is to celebrate by choosing a new knitting project. It doesn't matter that you have several other projects on needles waiting to be completed. A fresh beginning with new yarn can make a perfect start for the year. It can inspire and motivate you for a creative year ahead.

I was a little concerned about following the knitter's New Year tradition myself this year. I inventoried six UFO's (unfinished objects) that were each within a day's knitting of being complete. Most of them are garments for me and would be welcome for wearing in the store when we have a cold day.

As I was about to sit in my knitting chair to work on one of the garments, I was greeted by a familiar sight. My cat, Whisper, had taken over the chair, again. The only compromise that he accepts is to sit on my knee and "help" me knit. Beth has made an adorable cat bed for our resident store "cat" from Cat Bordhi's pattern in her "Second Treasury of Magical Knitting". It was time to make one for Whisper and my stash even had the required Manos del Uruguay waiting.

The feline bed starts as a mobeius band and then picked up stitches are knit into a bowl like shape. The project is then felted and shaped into a comfy cat retreat.

I tackled my list and finished the "Tucson" caplet from one of the new Manos Classico Wool booklets. It is now spending the next day or two on the blocking board.

That freed my conscience to start the new - New Year's project. It should be a quick and easy knit and hopefully Whisper will have his very own version soon.

However, when I went back to the blocking board to place the damp towel over the caplet to let the moisture do its magic, I found Whisper - off my chair and onto the knitting. I guess I could save myself the knitting time of his new bed and just give him the capelet - it's obviously already been approved.
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