Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to my Routine

These last few days, I have been feeling the same way that my black lab, Sierra usually does. Like most dogs, she thrives on routines. Her morning schedule starts with breakfast which should be served promptly every morning at 6:30 (and don't even think about sleeping in on weekends!). A walk to retrieve our newspaper at the end of our lane way follows. For being such a great helper, she receives a biscuit. The cat then needs a proper greeting (not that the cat thinks that a sniff, lick and chase is a proper greeting). By then, I have finished my own breakfast and the cereal bowl is empty and needs to have the final droplets of milk cleaned out with that efficient slurp of her tongue. It's not pleasant to face those sad eyes if Sierra ever misses a link in the morning routine. She's certainly not opposed to some added excitement in her day - she has never refused extra walks or treats, but it is just comforting for her to have some measure of order and predictability.

The last few weeks at our store have been anything but routine. As usual, it's been a time full of fun and excitement - just all at a much quicker pace. There have been customers racing to finish knitting their Christmas gifts. We met many family members and friends of our knitters who wanted to buy the perfect yarn and patterns for a new holiday project. We laughed along with the customers who bought themselves special yarn luxuries to guarantee that they would have the right gift under the tree. Then there was the Boxing Day frenzies with "stash enhancement" goals in mind. Some knitters were organized with lists so they could start on next year's Christmas gift knitting. Still others were planning their traditional "New Year's New Project". We saw hundreds of customers, but I must admit that I missed the chance to talk to many if them in all the hustle and bustle. I always like to hear about the plans for the new yarn and to discuss their latest finished projects. The store started to show signs of disarray (a horror for someone like me who craves organization) and many of the shelves had bare spots where colourful skeins should have been. The entire "holiday" ended with inventory - our day full of all counting and no knitting!

This week has been a return to routine at the store. The pace has slowed down so that we can once again visit with our knitters. The shelves are restocked and inviting with their kaleidoscope of colours and beautiful textures.

And just like Christmas all over again, we received a new shipment of yarn from Fleece Artist. It is a vibrant selection of Hand Maiden Casbah. This is a luxurious blend of merino wool, cashmere and a little nylon for durability - perfect for pampering the feet on these cold winter days.
Another little part of my dog's routine that would be so nice to embrace - a nap would be perfect about now!
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