Sunday, January 11, 2009

Spring will soon be here

Here in Newmarket, Ontario, we are totally immersed in a true Canadian winter. I am actually one of the few people who enjoy the season, just as long as the snow conditions are great for skiing and that driving is safe enough to actually be able to reach the ski slopes. Below is a picture taken from my knitting room window at home.
This last week has run through the many facets of our winters from freezing rain, slush, heavy snow accumulations with poor visibility, high winds (translates to drifting snow) and bitter cold temperatures. Not one day was what I would consider a good ski day possibility.
During this cold spell, Beth and I have taken great comfort in choosing the new yarns for spring. Our sales representatives have braved the weather to bring us the newest selection of beautiful yarns and patterns. The colours are so bright and refreshing. We are amazed at the vast array of fibres that are available. Adding to the ecology collection of soy, bamboo and seacell are new additions such as sugar cane! Knitted fashions continue to follow the runway trends (as well as keeping some traditional favourites) and the pattern books and leaflets are right up to date. The tank and t-shirt type styles are such quick knits and use only a few balls or skeins of fibre compared to their winter counterparts.
Of course we have ordered extras of our favourite colours and fibres so that we can knit plenty of store samples to showcase the new yarns (we know - it's a tough job - having to spend so much time knitting, but we do what we need to do! - just ignore our big smiles when you see us knitting when you come to visit the store).
The yarn will be arriving the middle of February so that you can have a head start on your springtime fashions and gifts. It should provide that needed break from the winter woes.
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