Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh It's the Most "Dreaded" Time of the Year

I usually look forward to my days at work. What knitter could complain about a day filled with beautiful yarn, enthusiastic customers who love to knit and our classes full of students eager to learn more about the joys of knitting. We can order whatever yarns we want. We are the first to see the newest knitting books, magazines and accessories. Part of our job is of course knitting. Most of the time it is a dream job. Gabriela even says that she comes to work to play.

But, one day a year we dread coming to work. Sure, the day is spent holding ball after ball of the wonderful fibres - it's just that all we have a chance to do is count the yarn. We are required to do a year end inventory and there is no knitting time possible. What a challenge - more of a temptation - holding and feeling all our favourite yarns, thinking of all the possibilities and then not being able to knit a single stitch.

Above, Gabriela patiently counts the hundreds of balls of Rowan yarn.

Beth has tackled the books - so many pattern ideas and each one becomes another number...

It has been a long day, and we are glad that inventory is behind us for another year. We are exhausted and can only think of heading home and relaxing for the rest of the's knittting time!

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