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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We’re starting our year at Serenity Knits by launching our blog. We’ll keep you updated on our latest projects, new yarns, classes in progress and other details of our day to day activities.

Here is a picture that I snapped at 10:00 A.M. looking out of my “knitting room” window (actually my sewing room – but since I don’t have the time for sewing these days, it has been renamed my knitting room). It’s a perfect day to curl up and knit and sip hot chocolate.

I have a New Year’s tradition of starting a new knitting project to celebrate the new year. It doesn’t matter that I have a dozen UFO’s (unfinished objects) on needles at various stages of completion. It’s exciting to take a fresh skein of yarn and cast on. This year I’m showing great restraint with my choice of projects. Since I have a Norah Gaughan “Cabled Spiral Pullover” and a mitered square cardigan (278 squares and I’ve done 252) as part of my UFO collection - both begging to be finished, I actually picked a quick knit late Christmas gift.
My son Matt (he’s the talented computer whiz who does all our website and newsletters and is guiding me through this first blog), and his girlfriend, Jeanine visited the store before Christmas. Jeanine was amazed by the Fleece Artist and Handmaiden wall of yarn and couldn’t resist the lure of the hand painted colours. She especially loved the greens and bright yellow blends - which of course I noted. I tucked away a skein to make some soft mittens for part of her Christmas gift. Needless to say, the mitts didn’t even get started, but now will be that perfect New Year’s project.

This will be a new experience for me. For those of you that know me, I never knit with a yarn that isn’t a shade of blue, purple or pink. The only green yarn that I’ve ever used has been for leaves in intarsia and felted projects. This already looks very unusual on the needles, but I’m sure the finished mittens will look just fine even in this strange hue. Now back to my rocking chair.

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