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Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Colour Choices

Your colour choice for your project is probably the factor in knitting that is most based on personal preferences. Knitters have their own favourites in needles (I've done my share of refereeing those heated discussions among customers about what ones are "best"). We all lean in certain directions with our choice of technique and type of project. For example, if you visit our store and see a lace sample, you can be sure that it was Gabriela's creation; socks and mitts are Beth's and cables and colourworks are mine. It's fun to try different knitting skills and along the way we may even discover new favourites, but our colour selections rarely vary.

I'm working on the last square of my second "Heritage Afghan" with many of the squares knit from the "Great North American Aran Afghan" book. I still have the sculpted leaf edging to finish and the assembly, but I'm eager to tackle new squares. I decided to knit the recently re-released "Great American Afghan" in Cascade 220 as my next afghan. I always have an afghan on the go - a work in progress that can easily take a year or more to complete. I enjoy working on a square between large sweater projects and I like the portability factor. We brought in 60 colours of Cascade 220 last Monday and it has taken me a week to choose the colours for my new afghan. As you are aware with me - the colours were going to be pinks, purples and blues. Even narrowing that down, there were still 27 different colours in that category and I had to choose just 5 or 6. Everyone had their own opinions when they saw my various combinations sprawled on the table, but the final decision had to be mine alone. I almost went for the pastel look, but my current afghan is lilac, so my final choice needed to be a little more dramatic.

In the end I had picked 7 colours (I needed a "green" for all the foliage squares - that's the teal one) and even my cat "Buttons" approved. (Sorry that the colours aren't accurate in the photo below - can someone please tell me how to take proper colour pictures inside on an overcast day?)


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