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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Inventory Day

Once a year we need to take inventory of all the yarn, needles, accessories, patterns and books in the store and today was the day. It's a day of mixed emotions. We have the fun of spending the day holding all the beautiful balls of yarn, each with potential of becoming a knitted masterpiece. We dream of all the projects that we will knit and the hours of enjoyment. About 8 hours into the counting, reality hits and we realize that we are getting tired, haven't had a chance to knit a stitch all day and that there won't be enough hours in the next year to tackle even a fraction of the knitting fantasies. The challenge becomes just choosing just a single favourite next project and the dreaming begins again...

Gabriela tackled the bags of yarn in the storage room, while Karen played with the yarn in the bins. Beth kept track of the patterns, books, needles and more yarn (and out of camera range).

Finally all the stock was counted. Now we're ready to bring in the new yarn!

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