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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Special Visitor

We always enjoy the visitors who come to the store but today there was an extra special one. This beautiful lady graced Serenity Knits all decked out in colourful mitts and a scarf. She even cuddled one of our sheep (as so many knitters like to do). OK, I'll admit to being a little biased. This is my lovely daughter, Marie, and she is wearing the proof that I actually did finish a Christmas gift. One of my annual traditions is to make her a pair of mittens to tuck into her Christmas stocking. This year's set was knit in the jewel tones of Nashua's Sitar that Marie had admired back in early December. Unfortunately, the matching scarf didn't make the deadline and was knit several days after Christmas - yes I'll start earlier next year (anyone else make that resolution too?).

Several of our customers are dropping in to show us pictures of their Christmas projects. I am so impressed by the your creativity and generous gift of time in knitting for others. It's no surprise to see all the smiles in the pictures as the recipients model their knitted gifts. It makes all those late nights of "clicking needles" seem worth while as you worked to finish on time. I think that you deserve to reward yourself with a knitted treat for yourself. After all, knitting is a wonderful way to pass these cold winter nights and you'll end up with something cozy for your daytime outings.

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