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Friday, May 16, 2008

Every Season is Knitting Season

When I first started writing our blog back in January, I was housebound thanks to a winter storm. I snapped this picture from my knitting room window that overlooks the forest at the back of our house. I couldn't have been happier - a day when I could just stay home and knit for most of the day!

Here is the exact same view - yesterday. The colours have changed from white to green and I'm equally happy. Now is the perfect chance to take a few moments to sit on the back deck and do what else - but knit.

We often hear that many knitters don't like to knit when the warm weather arrives - they don't want "hot" wool sitting in their lap. With the wonderful new cool fibres that are available to knitters, there is no excuse to not knit year round.

Sierra, our black lab is always eager to help our with the woodland gardens.

Over the years, we have planted spring bulbs at the border of our lawn and the forest. The wild trillium and tulips blend beautifully.

The weather prediction for the Victoria Day holiday weekend indicates rain and cool weather. Sounds like another perfect forecast - a great chance to snuggle up and knit!

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