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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yarn Crawl

The second annual "Yarn Crawl" for the five yarn shops in Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford and Uxbridge took place today. This year, knitters were able to set their own schedule and route to cover the variety of stores.

The timing for the event was also perfect. Being the day before Mother's Day, several mothers and daughters (and even a mother and son) used the opportunity to spend time together sharing a love for all things "knitterly". Margaret (below and centre) enjoyed the day with both her mother and sister.

Friends like Jackie and Mary Joe made a full day of the fun and like many others included lunch in the plans. Great knitting patterns and yarn are the perfect starting point for a a great conversation over a tasty meal.

Here is our youngest shopper of the day already with a great taste for bright colours and wonderful fibre for summer knits.

Many thanks to Uxbridge's "On the Lamb" for coordinating this year's event. Also appreciated were "Needles and Knits", "Pick Up Sticks" and "Unwind Yarn House" for helping to provide a day of adventure for the avid knitter. Hopefully after today, everyone will have enough yarn in their stash to keep happily knitting into the relaxed days of summer.


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