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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Victoria Day Cottage Knitting

The Victoria Day Holiday Weekend is always an exciting one for our family as it is the time to open up the cottage for another season. The cottage is my favourite place to be - the only place where I can truly relax and take time for personal knitting projects. It is also a work weekend with the boat needing to be launched (our only access to the cottage), dock put in, water pump reconnected, storm windows removed and the interior cleaned and dusted. Supplies need to be boated in and then the wheelbarrow trip up to the cottage. All the linen needs to be put out and beds made up ...... you get the idea (much more work than knitting).

My Dad had a great surprise in store for me when we arrived. He had secretly visited the cottage several times during the great weather over the last couple or weeks and had done all the preparations. He had arranged to have the boat launched, motor tuned, taken a plumber across the channel to connect the water and had a huge new water heater installed. (Our last water heater was so tiny that we usually ended up with a cold shower after about two minutes). The storm windows were off and the flower gardens cleaned up. A neighbour that shares our dock wanted an early start to the season and had done the huge job of putting in the dock. All that was left for me was the indoor work and there weren't even many ladybugs and flies to sweep up this year.

The weather cooperated and I was in my Muskoka chair on the deck with my knitting in record time.

Our cottage is on beautiful Lake Huron and is located in an ecologically unique area that is a continuation of the sand dune system extending from the Pinery Provincial Park. Our only access is by water, across the channel from Port Franks. All our supplies need to be brought in by boat, which can be an adventure in itself. The truly refreshing part for our little community of cottages is the lack of cars or trucks. The landscape is still unspoiled, natural beauty.

Traditionally the cottagers all gather at the beach for a walk and visit at sunset. It's a great way to get to know your neighbours. The dogs all enjoy their frolic in the sand and fetch in the waves.

As usual the Lake Huron sunsets were glorious. This was Saturdays.

This is Sunday's splendor - just before the rain began.

After our sunset stroll it's back to the cottage for relaxation. Sierra dog recovers from the hard play, the guys read and my daughter Marie and I - of course - knit!

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