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Monday, May 26, 2008

Welcome Summer with Knitted Flamingos

For many families, the arrival of the warm weather means that it is time to open the swimming pool. Last summer, one of our very creative customers, Roselle knit an extremely classy flamingo "Pinky" to lounge in the chair on her pool deck. She sports beautiful long eyelashes, a coordinating pink necklace and hot pink plumage. Roselle's husband liked the pool guest so much, he requested his own version and "Tank" was knit to became Pinky's companion. When Tank is outdoors, he can be seen with his very own sunglasses.

Those of you who visited our store during the "Yarn Crawl" were greeted by the vibrant duo. They are knit from a Fiber Trends pattern and felted before assembly and stuffing. Roselle added her own special touches, but they can be "customized" to suit your own summer whimsy. Can't you just imagine Pinky and Tank relaxing under their umbrella and sipping lemonade ... ahhh - summer!

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